Mods completey change toons dna

I know most want mods to be called armour but a I think its safe to say this is the equivalent of drugs or genetic modification
Rick now has max defnse bonus and a extra 460atk yes he already has better stats than a t4
I’m going to be working on him every day
In beta to show what a all gold mod setup max lvl mods look like
And pls scopley send some t4 gear out because It would be interesting to see how he looks with this setup max lvl
Ill keep u updated and yes i know it is very riddicouclus come on its affected team grade if you got all gold mods on every single 6* in your team maxed I’d say it be around a s6++ rough estimate

how the fuck you got gold mods

Luck from the mod boxes

Fuck RNG


Yeah you’l be saying that a lot when you try to get one mod lvl 15
Trust me

oh…there is more…lots more, see how low lvl his mods are…every 5 lvls the gain increases magnify greatly…from 1-10, to 10-20, so on so forth…all gold att, def, or health and you make a freaking panzer

Utter bullshit these mods. What about people who went on a break and come back to see this? It sucks big time. We dont even have a decent pool of 6* yet and they already come with a new way to empty our pockets…


Another element of the game for whales to dominate, leave now while you can before the inevitable clusterfuck mods will be.

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i apologize, i was referring to the amount of gain per lvl

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yw, sorry i was unclear, oh and there is mod set roadmap in beta now…13 days long…maybe that could be the update;date…

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