Mods are asleep, post pancakes


Title says all. Here are mini pancakes from Jack in the box


Scopely right now




Only if its thrown on the ground first and covered in shit


I’ve been wondering, is there a reason for joking about Scopes’ people loving pancakes?


I wasn’t around for it, but I read about it a while later. Apparently JohnnyFoxtrot made a comment on a post about taking something to the team, then mentioned he was getting some pancakes. I think from a pancake machine at work or something, but I’m not clear on the exact details. I think it was picked up more as a joke about Scopely staff attitudes rather than a specifically funny situation. Like Foxtrot was more interested in pancakes than actually helping with the issue at hand.




This thread makes me lololol :stuck_out_tongue:


Partiallyyyy true! but not quite!


Could you illuminate the situation for us please?


These pancake posts are really old and tired.


It was one of those “you had to be there moments”.