Mods and more mods please

I need more that 1000 capacity. need them on 5 stars, and now to stop burn in SR Road.

Just give us more storage of them. it is the same as a weapon, but you can’t use it multiple times and you need 5 per character.


Why argue this?
You never miss a mod even if warehouse is full
Rewarded gear is never missed even if you are full and mods is always rewarded

I have 1649/1000 mods

wait till you hit 2 K and they auto replace

where can you see how many you have just curious, I probably dont habe to many as sell all the silver and bronze ones

i did sell some bronze/silver when i was at 2400

They should give us a option in armory to where if we have more than 1 type of weapon (Like 10 precise lucilles we can choose scrap all or scrap one.
This can be good for those 1 star and 2 star weapons. Same at 3 star.

Long press on a weapon and it will select all of that type. To disassemble all of them, just hit disassemble, to disassemble all but one, unselect one of them. Max 100, so if you have more than that of one type, you may need to do it multiple times. Selling works similarly, I think.

works the same
but selling get you wood
assembling cost wood

HOLY SHIT I NEVER KNEW THIS. This a fat ass armory video game tip lemme go try this rn.
What are the chances of getting Impair, Taunt, Stun in armory than getting the common bonus def in the armory.

Like 1 to 5 percent from my experiences. Depends on your bucket. Hit stun in one try for pete but have gone 40 without an zak. Its wonderful fun waiting 36 hours for nothing

I dont have pete but my process of getting him is speeding up. I had like 1k keys for him now I got 3164 keys. I just need 7836 more keys. I should get him by january, feb or march.

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