Modded weapon shown as un-modded in scavenger mission [logged]

Hi, would like to report a bug on scavenger mission.

I was checking my toons description through the scavenger mission window (Click Scavenger Camp > Mission Log > Click toon from Assigned Team) and saw that my modded weapon wasn’t modded at all. Had a tiny heart attack so I checked the same toon through my roster and the modded weapon shows that it’s still modded.

I understand it’s just a visual glitch but thought I should still report it :slightly_smiling_face:

@Agrajag @Shawn.Scopely @kalishane

Weapons are irrelevant for scavenger missions so it doesn’t matter anyway

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I know weapons don’t matter for scavenger missions. I’m talking about the visual glitch.

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I don’t see why you would even check what weapons someone is equipped with on a scavenger mission, if it’s not in the battle screen it doesn’t need to be changed

I was checking my toon via scavenger mission instead of roster and that’s how her weapon was shown when in actuality, that’s not true.

Again, my point is that it’s a bug, a visual glitch so I report it. It’s no big deal, yes but a bug is a bug. That’s all I’m saying here.


Thanks for reporting. Will get a bug logged.

Edit: Looks like the bug isn’t specific to the Scavenger Camp flow, but specific to special weapons viewed via the Dossier. Thanks again.


I probably should have tagged you as well, my bad.

And thank you for taking up on this :smile_cat:

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