Mod Switching for free?!?

Are Mods ever going to be free to move? If not this is a very poor system… I want to test different teams, but without being able to move mods its pointless. I really hope you things change in that aspect of the game. I’m not going to drop a ton of coins to move mods. I know a bunch of other players who feel the exact same about this. Please stop trying to be so money hungry and change this. Players will still spend the same/ maybe more on mods if you change the way we can move them…

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There are free mod removal events every couple of weeks. They should just be permanent events tbh

I agree 100% Me and a bunch of others would buy a lot more mods if they were free to move. It cost way too many scraps just to test a def. Then if it doesn’t work out as planned you have to spend more to move them again…


Yeah i agree i dont like wasting scaps when in moving mods