Mod suggestion for Atk characters(Alpha/Anna/etc.)



The best set of mods for Alpha Anna Richard Romanov etc. Have you guys focus on Atk set or put Df/hp set instead? for those of them are too low in df and die so fast (in case you dont have shield or revive in your team)


I have all those toons and I would never use any of them on defense so I did attack and crit on my alpha so the colat damage hits harder did defense and attack on rom haven’t ascended Anna and Richard but I’ll most likely put attack on both of them


Can you show me the highest of atk that she or he can have


You can get the attack up to 3k if u have the right mods for it



my anna atm


Anna needs Hp to synergize with her Rush and Active, plus the more HP/Def the better she can take hits when she`s taunting. The same goes for Romanov, Berserkers get a lot of attack when they taunt, so attack is not an issue for them, its the hp and def


Its bit more complicated for me.

  • Anna - mos def HP mod set
  • Roma - I use attack set but HP is also good choice
  • Alpha - she is weak on defence and only way to change it would be adding her defence mod while using attack mod set

That would all also depend on your leader skill.


Here’s what I did for Richard