Mod specs for these


Just wanted to ask how should I mod these two?
Confused if Harper should be defense support or atk support?


Step 1, click padlock…


Step 2 buy mods not toons…


For Harper, I’d give her crit and defense. Her role is to disarm special weapons and drop the enemy’s stats so the rest of the team can do damage. And she can’t do that if she dies early.


K now you’re just showing off


So should I stick with def set or hp set? Same for gabriel.


I go with the stat that has the lowest value because it will make the biggest percent difference. For example boosting 1000 def to 1500 is +50% def and will help more than boosting 2000HP to 2500 (only +25% HP). Harper has pretty low defense so I’d stick with that.


As a guideline, accentuating strengths goes much further than shoring up weaknesses. Otherwise you end up with toons that aren’t really great at anything.


Oh for sure, but def and hp will both serve roughly the same purpose in this case, keep her alive for longer.


People who can afford toons like these 2 and dont know what to do with em dissapoint me severely… meantime i make due with perfectly modded mediocre toons and kill everyone.


But the whole point of me asking for Harper is because her atk stat is decent so should I mod her for atk but she has utility, so should I mod her for defense. On atk, she needs to be behind a shield or g2, had her die on enemies first turn even with the all gold defense set.


Weird flex but ok


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