Mod scraps to buy

Anyone else think it would be beneficial for them to drop the 10k food in the first slot of the Gear Depot in favor of 10k or 100k Mod Scraps? I realize that Mod Scraps aren’t “gear” but neither is food…


Food goes hand in hand with gear. You need food to upgrade and level up your characters.

Mods scraps are not gear! Reeeee! Lol i like that you put that at the end cause someone will say that. Id rather have a gloves and shirt spot there and just have the limit of mod scrap conversion and amount you can hold and the cost to swap them taken off


Man I would love a spot that alternates every day between gloves and shirts with an in stock value of say, 100 at bare minimum but more like 500.

And yeah I’ve been on these forums long enough to know the way people are lol. My suggestion was mostly because I’ve never bought the 10k food even on my baby account / region. It seems useless to me to have it there. And I could always use more mod scraps.

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Lots of things are useless/outdated in the game now and are in need of an update/change, the entire depot needs to be changed imo

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But 10k is useless… no one aint using it

Ok, I realise you aren’t complaining about not being able to max mod scrap each day, just that you want more. Post edited. Nothing to see here. move along

Not the point I’m making. They said food isnt gear, yet it goes hand in hand with it. You sell gear, you get food. You use both for the same purpose (unless you use the food to train or something).

Outdated?!?? You mean to tell me that I’m the only one still buying all these gems in bulk each day:


Sandpaper is a great bargin :smirk:

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Honorable mention goes to that grease and those Emery boards tho:

Why craft for free with zero wait time when Scopely’s got you covered folks? The next time you need a can of grease, one Emery board and a piece of sand paper just head on over to the store and snag 'em all for the shockingly low price of 1730 coins.


I feel like those are in there just to catch people misclicking and accidentally buying them. Seems like something they would do.


That’s 100% why they’re there. No sane game development teams leaves a glaring misvalue in their game for over a year without it being intentional.

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Mod scraps isn’t gear.

Really, which noun would you use?

I would call mod scraps gears

You took the words right out of my brain .Smart :slight_smile:

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