Mod Scraps and Replacing


Mods have been around for a bit now and I’m just getting to the point I actually focus on my setups and as I’m trying to switch them around I noticed just to remove mods from a toon is way too expensive in relation to how many we can get per day. You can only get like 11k a day but to remove five mods from a toon is 6200??? How does that make any sense? Between the cost of leveling and removing it makes me not even want to bother but of course I have to to stand a chance. There is no reason mod scraps should be capped, nobody cares if people want to use all resources to max out mods. Give me a break.


I work on mods one day of the week, it nearly depletes my scraps. Rest of the time I am saving mod scraps.

Wasn’t this something we begged scopley for? I remember all the messages from dedicated players. “Scopley please give us a way to discredit all our 6* toons”


I liked the unequip sales, was hoping those would be regular events. Maybe they will be in the near future.

Another thing I’d like to see is being able to move a mod from the wildcard slot to a corner slot for the cost of replacing only one mod, since ultimately only one mod is being “replaced”, the other is only getting scooched over


Should also add a “reset mod” option (for some currency - scraps, coins, whatever) for all those RNG failures where 2-10 always results in 2


Would do no good. Your mod value outcomes are already determined as soon as you claim the mod from your inventory. Was discussed at length in an old thread by one of the dev’s who no longer talks to us :slightly_frowning_face:


I agree all the way with your comments, just small reminder how to get scraps. Yes, I know its painful to do but pays out. Scraps starts from pt. 8.


I still say once a month they should have free remove mods a day


I would love to remove all mods from toons and redo them


These missions will come to and end and then we are still stuck in the same boat we are in right now.

Mods should have zero cost to move them around. Period!

If they insist on making us pay then the cost to remove them needs to come down by 90%,


Yep the price of removing is a sick joke, as is the stupid “rng” cost me over 90k in scraps to finish 3 gold mods smh. All was level 13 as well.


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