Mod Roadmap is here

Not even less than 30 mins and its out and im done with half of it

Roadmap Thursday in full affect lmao! :joy::joy:


Of course, they launch this on can Thursday with all the rest of the crap when on Mon and Tue they screwed us out of the scheduled gear maps and conveniently forgot the clover map yesterday as well.

You would also think they could have given out a world energy can or two as a stage reward. Typical.

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1 or 2 cans doesn’t even cut it for the plethora of roadmaps on Thursdays.

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To think @kalishane stated the new map was able to hold up to 20 roadmaps and yet WE STILL SEE IT ALL ON THURSDAYS ONLY.
It’s been like this for years now and they don’t really seem keen on changing it.
Scopely would rather push new shiny things that no one asked for.

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Wow, you are so awesome.

My gut feeling is that the reason for it all on Thursdays is that way they can say “Well the data shows that people don’t do\ finish these roadmap events, so we can stop putting them up”

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Three maps yesterday. Nine today.

Way to listen to feedback.

STOP putting all the maps on Thursday.

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