Mod reset request (QoL change)


It would be nice to be able to reset a crappy mod back to level 1. Ideally, this option should only be made available to fully leveled (level 15) mods so players still struggle to craft perfect mods…not resetting at level 5 over and over till you get a max stat etc. Obviously it would/should cost coins…but that’s the price you pay. I would think a good price point would be around 1000 coins per mod which is slightly more than buying a mod box from the Shop with a random gold mod in it (I think the gold ones are like 700-750 coins for 1 mod?)

Make it happen!


1000 coins? What planet do you live on??

How can Mods be classed so significantly differently to Weapons? I created an identical topic about an hour ago…this is a huge problem in the game.

Reset should be minor amount of wood just like weapons.


It wouldn’t matter the final outcome of a mod is determined before you even open up the box including the exact number of times and when it will fail to level.


do you even mod bro?


A huge problem? Where?


I was not aware that their results were predetermined.


I only suggested 1000 coins based off the cost of buying a brand new mod box. You know they would never add a feature like this if there were no profit in it for them. What planet do YOU live on?


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