Mod removal? Update yet still not going on?

Has the model removal even started? I see that the date and time has been updated however it is past that time and my removal still has not started.

Well they changed time again. Never mind.

I have updated the time of the mod removal on the calendar based on the latest information provided by the team.


@GR.Scopely why cant mod removal be free all the time instead of 24 hours before war or at least request it starts a few days earlier so people actually have time to play around with different ideas and team builds

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Why changing weapons is free but not changing mods? You either make mods removal free or start charging us for changing weapons

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Don’t give them ideas


More people need to push for this. Scraps are already tedious to get and once mods reach a certain level like 10+ they’re hard as hell to level up since it’s just gonna fail most of the time from that point on. You can save up over 200k scraps and just end up blowing it all trying to level up one mod.

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I agree however we change weapons more often because it is specific to the team. Wish upgrades were cheaper with mods.

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