Mod removal is late

I don’t think any further explanation is necessary… thanks :pray:t4:

@Bigfoot Reported to the team.



Thanks a lot

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Steve? Is that you?


LMFAO :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

It’s here now, thanks. Post can be closed

Thanks for the feedback!

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@GR.Scopely will we be getting tower info today??

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Sorry. That’s enough questions answered for today, please try again tomorrow.
Thanks for your understanding.


What bucket is steve in? Whatever bucket it is, need to push that bucket to spend more and make him a good bucket

If you’re talking bout Steve the Line Room nuker…if it’s some normal Steve totally disregard, lol!

Literally cracked up there. Noice!

@Project I will post the information as soon as I have been provided with the details by the team :slight_smile:


Ffs, Scope, read for context!! I was saying a user who has nuked line rooms for years is full of crap!

You didn’t CREATE buckets, ya dopes…

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I have no idea who steve is lol all i know is he is a bucket

Youre being targeted is all, that happens here a lot, for me it comes in waves, i will go weeks just fine and then weeks of everything posted, doesnt matter if its good, bad, against the forum rules, etc being fIagged and deIeted :man_shrugging: i just think of it like some people cant laugh and hold a grudge, brush it off for what it is, pathetic is what it is

Ty sir…

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