Mod Removal Event [10/15]

Hello everyone,

There will be a schedule Mod Removal Event starting this Thursday. I have updated the Tournament Calendar here [:crossed_swords: ⚔️ Tournament Calendar)



You call that an eventIMG_2706


You call that an eventIMG_3248


You call that an eventIMG_3249


Info on territory event plz ?

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noooooo info on war toon so we can cry our selfs asleep when it its trash


Maybe If you put missions of leveling mods or something you can call it an event @GR.Scopely @JB.Scopely make it happen

Blue kites? You used to put it on forums, but for the last red kite/flag roadmaps there wasn’t any notice.

And it will be, it will be

Each time i see a post from GR i see :poop::poop::poop:


Thank you so much for that update. Think lot of people forget how painful and horrible it was pre mod removal events.

Cool, now where’s Lee?

did you check the bargain bin for him? coz his not worth 1.3m fully upgraded and unlocked

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Well to be fair most active player probably have lee, magna maybe not so much.

mannn you must be mad if you think we would actually get info on an event we have been asking about lol

Didnt you know the forums and JB have been bombarded with people asking about the mod removel. sorry no wait thats the terr event and facs disapearing

Mod event it is then

caryy on lol

I have him already I’m just waiting for him to become ascendable

It’s not a tournament. It’s an event. It’s something that happens occasionally. The mod scrap being in daily missions is annoying enough, doubly so when they put leveling mods in weekly missions.

Mod Removal should just be free all the time, but its scopely so of course they’ll find a way to try and bilk players out of any resources they can.


Yes yes yes👍