Mod removal during nightmare SR

There really should be free mod removal during every nightmare SR, it would make team building more effective and interesting and most people less pissed off

Elite stage 10 currently thx to it

Should there be free mod removal during every Nightmare SR?

  • Yes
  • No

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Isn’t there already one though? Or do you mean in general?

Every time, its been helpful

Free mod removal should be a permanent thing. Scrap the daily mod limit too


I agree 100% with that. It costs a ridiculous amount to upgrade each mod as is there is no reason to try and squeeze out, even more, when we decide to try out something new.

Greed. Plain and simple greed.


Agreed! But how do they increase scrap sales?

I’m sure they can scrape together a few dollars from the premier recruits to cover their losses.

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