Mod Removal [09/06]

Greetings Survivors,

There will be a Mod Removal event within the game this week and in preparation for the upcoming Cross Region War.

Week 1 - 09/02 - 09/08

  • Mods Removal Event (Fri 5:00 pm - Sat 5:00pm)

The calendar has been updated with this last change and you can find the latest version by following this link ⚔️ Tournament Calendar



Just a heads up, Friday is the 6th, not the 8th. Just pointing out a small error and maybe it’s been brought to your attention already. Doesn’t affect anything in the game but thought I would mention it anyway! :metal:


That’s the week lol

Nope. Lol

I get it now the calendar is wrong atleast his dates right lol

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5-8-7? Haha

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LoL. 5 Ate 7.

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Thanks for the heads-up guys!

Solved :slight_smile:


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Can we please get permanent free mod removal? Or at a minimum 3-4 days every week? With arenas now there are so many more opportunities to build and experiment with teams, yet we are still being frozen to only changing up teams just before war, every 2-3 weeks…

Want to make arenas, and the game itself more fun again? Stop restricting our ability to try new teams and strategies. @GR.Scopely


I just want free mod removal during wars! It’s so frustrating to not be able to change defenses during war. Can the PC please bring this up?

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Please not just during wars. I want to be able to try new teams all the time. Especially now with arenas and the different modes, like old school, trait and role modes where we are forced to build new ones. I like that it makes us rethink our teams and try out new ones we normally wouldn’t, but i want to be able to swap out mods, or you’re not really able to build them effectively.

Not just for arenas though. It should always be free anyway. It already usually costs me 50-70k scrap to max each mod as It is (sometimes more). And then I gotta spend another 12.5k if I want to try giving a set to another toon? Just dumb if you ask me…

Only one day every 2 weeks is ridiculous on several levels. And it’s always during the week, so my only option is to unequip EVERY mod, and wait til another day when i have time to move them around. So for me, this effectively means i get to unequip just one time every 2 weeks. Simply bc the day they choose is never a good one for me, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

As I said before, the game would be much, much more fun if we were free to rebuild our teams as often as we like. Restricting us only limits our ability to play how we want. There are many team make ups i wish i could try, but i can’t, bc i can only unequip my mods once…

Jboogie is not in PC anymore and its a damn shame, he was one of the most vocal members on forums.

Is that why he’s not on there?

Wouldn’t surprise me knowing scopely.

I think @Brucey is another that’s on the PC. Him, @LadyGeek and @Bane are the only ones I can remember for sure.

They only want “yes” people on the PC. The names are mentioned above.

From Scopely’s perspective PC is a focus group to better their marketing and selling strategies. From our perspective PC is like a player senate representing the community grievances to Scopely.

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