Mod limit did it increase

Hoping to hear they increased the mod inventory limit. not having to Mod 5S again, after i just removed them and sold a bunch, we need them again.

if you haven’t bump it up, we will need like 50 moded if you want a chance in endurance 5s arenas

You are right, there is not enough room for 5* and all the mods. Once you got 80 6* caracters you never needs 5*

Except for arenas

You can never win them outside of rewards so have as many as you like they still added to the inventory.

You just need to press the stupid pop up all the time

Imo the 5* s only arenas shouldn’t let you use mods. It says “Old style” and mods were introduced during the 6* era


That’s kinda be the point of 5 star to usecthe

50 moded how many times do you want to hit it… one of the reasons using the multiplier is s strategic decision

Sheeesh, 50 would be 12 ish of each type. who know when you need to have certain rqs. also once you are invested to win you have to keep fighting.

basically if needs to keep up with roster limit * 5.

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