Mod level up tournament?

Is that a real event?

Real or not I’m already farming all the mods that I can.


Looks like shitty photoshop.
Any Russians able to translate bottom text?

Looks legit to me. Nobody but scopely could even think of something like this

Horrible idea

Mastery Points

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Aw cmon, it sounds exciting! 12k scraps a day. About 11 levels. Over in 15 seconds. Woo…


Dont worry about the scrap limit, will be lots of offers for scraps :smirk:

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Not even started yet and the opportunity for a F2P tourney is out the window lol

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Wonder if mastery points are like museum points? Are they just there for bragging rights? :yum::yum:

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They’re likely points that get you rewards like level up points, raid points, etc.

I bet daily limit for scrap will be scratched that day or doubled at least

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This. Those blue versions of the level up Icon look terrible. Not sure about the mix of Russian and English text too. That said, it’s legit looking font…

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