Mod box the first create to have odds technically


Theese are the odds of a mod box
Note when you do open theese in multiplies you can get 2 gold mods from it
But still there the odds of them anyway


Surprisingly generous at 6%. Expect that to drop to 1% by the launch.

All I know is they gave us about 10 boxes and each box contained 5 mods and I got 2 golds and around 5 silvers. So rng is in full effect as expected.


If golds wet too avalible meta would be fd up even more
Say you got gold confuse resist once you start lvling it it becomes super powerful
I got one lvl 10 42% chance I resist confuse that helps against michonne a lot


It will be the day this launches. They are going to sell boxes and you bet the whales will snatch up every single one on offer. The distance from f2p and p2p is going to grow super wide once this crap launches. I expect a massive number of people getting fed up and walking from the game.


I think ppl well be doing that now.
Ain’t herd the news
Well there’s a new walking dead game called our world
It’s like pokemon go but instead you go kill zombies
So yeah once that goes live to android
Boom you can guess how that goes down


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