Mod box offer issue

I claimed the free offer for the combat mod box, but it never showed up in my inventory. Also sent in a message to support in-game

Did you scroll through your inventory? I noticed on mine that it didn’t show a notification that there was something new, but when I scrolled through the box was there to open.

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Yeah, that was it. Confused me lol

Mod boxes are not accounted for from the home screen “inventory” tab. I completed the roadmap, and had 4 in my inventory, in addition to 38 food bags, and my inventory tab still showed a red 38. I only realized after I opened the boxes, so I don’t have pics.

I was playing on my lvl 23 account the moment mods became available. I got a few of them there, when i checked my main account tho, i didnt receve any there. Am i getting those later on? Or are these all i get? Cause i would really like to have them on my main account instead


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