MMA - Make Morgan Ascendable


We all know that OG Yellow Morgan is the best toon in the game. Why isn’t he on the list of those being released in the the first quarter of 2018? We need to know when he is getting the six star treatment!

Obviously, everyone agrees right?


Yellow og Morgan, red og rick, green og Michonne, blue og notorious Andrea even… yellow dale hat Andrea, og red heath, og green Dwight a newer life steal would be cool in a larger %, og yellow Victor or og yellow tyreese to counter blue tyreese lol, og blue govenor was useless really early on, og red Timothy and looking through my roster that’s all that comes to mind at the moment besides the list they showed us. :grin:


Need also green Days Gone By Morgan, blue healer Eugene, all the Telltale characters, Bonnie, Skylar, Caroline, Rocky, Hunter, revive Rosita, SR characters, Konrad, revive Siddiq, yellow Stevens…
The list is way too long dammit


I’d be happy for any old school 5* being ascendable at the moment. Seriously, any one at all. Other than siddiq, who wasn’t even old school btw, who was the last non Premier toon? Probably have to look back 2-3 months to find out


Scopely don’t have enough time to do any of this though remember. Even though they design 2 new characters every week, a five star and then the 6 star for that character, they need 3 months to release a character who has already been data mined by the russians on VK and already has the 5 star completed. Hmmmmmmm


“Why have some Ascendable characters that you actually might have when you can have a chance to get another 5*/6* from the wheel?”
-Scopely, 20XX