Mixed crafting territories

I was wondering about mixed crafting territories.i think its better to not mix them and others do not…I look at it this way u want nothing to do with success u only want critical success so why would you want to mix them?? Am I wrong

Critical success depends on success.

Your chance of a critical success is always 65%, so no matter what the success % is, there’s always a 65% chance of a crit. But, if your success rate is 50%, it will take you twice as many tries to get the same weapons.


Ty so no success terrs is better just use crits

most of the regular crafts have an item that gives you 100% success.

im superstitious and think holding 1 success terr gives me a higher crit chance. Probably entirely false, but my best crafts happen when I happen to have one.

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I myself only use the 2 crits but we have a few that want to use all 4 witch leave the rest of us waiting sometimes hrs for their teams to get kicked off before we can craft

Did they ever mention anything about success rate when they use the other two territories? @2tall

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No I just dont think they have tried sticking with just the 2…or think the more the better but I guarantee if we did a survey or poll 80% of top players only use the 2

I need preface this with before the addition of 5* weapons I used to get the desired craft more when we held both Crit Territories and at least one Success Territory.

But since the Update it’s been absolute shit! And my crafts constantly turn into shit and needing to be reset no matter what. Hell I’ve had more success with Zero Territories held that I do with them lately.

I hit crit 8 out of 10 times but some say I’m superstitiouson how I do it… I have two Rampages too elusive impairs several Focus stuns that I made myself not from game. Cleanse absolute defense and I don’t even really stay on top of crafting kind of a slacker

That is exactly the opposite of what I said.

Always get your success to 100%.