Mittens this week?

Are they still gone be up? As a man that has no raid cans, but 200_+ war cans, I bought the offer today for green mittens, and popped cans to finish wlirw. Done it last Ar but crashes. Long story short, are they up for this weeks tourneys?

Umm, Yes


I hope not

A few days left and some short tourneys coming according to the calendar.

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Uh what short tourneys lol the longest events are starting Monday

Level up has them (obviously)

Raid tournament showing another 2,500 red ones

Question is whether the Solo SR will have any? Collections end in 5 days 8 hours which, if my maths is right is about 12-24 hours after the Solo SR would finish so my guess is that it will have them.

With all these things, Scopley just need to tell us. Keeping the playerbase in the dark is not only frustrating, but it actually doesn’t provide an incentive for players to spend on offers as they’ll be more likely to hold out for the event.

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Yep exactly. 250 short for knox

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