Mitchell region recruiting players/factions/regions

Hi all,

After the last post we got some new people and also factions joining the region, which is great!

But why stop now, we want to maximize our fun in this game and main thing to ensure this is activity. Our (OG) region is still very active, with oldskool factions but also a lot of new factions/players (which came after transfers opened). Based on their stories, they like it here (you can ask them yourself in our Line chats:)).

What are we looking for? Any non-drama active players/factions, who are looking for a competitive/active region to keep the game interesting and fun. We try to keep the drama/trolling to a minimum, we try:)

This goes for all solo players, small groups of players, entire factions and/or regions (if multiple factions are looking for a new challenge to stay active), we welcome everybody!

How does Mitchell looks like and works? Let me try to break it down for you:

· Drop def for raid events, we try to get as many people on board as we can (obviously it’s not 100%, yet:))

· Hitting all milestones in solo events will get you in top 100 99% of the events;

· Sharing crit weapon tts, as in no stacking them. Benefit it for 1 hour, put 1 weak team in and next fastest faction gets it the next hour;

· Other tts are open for business, usually people get them and put 1 team in. When lvl up event is on, lvl up tts are mainly shared like the crit weapon tts;

  • We tend to work together as a region to avoid/clear the walkered territories. Usually someone calls it out on global and people help with clearing;

· We have no feeding/sister factions for any of the top factions;

· We have a troll or 2 or 3, but usually it’s not too bad and if you really bothered by it, easy to ignore/block. The drama level is rather low here (not gonna say there is no drama, there’s always some drama in a region. Would be boring without:));

· It’s a mix of F2P/P2P factions and players. As in any region, there is a number one faction with all-round the best teams, but they ain’t superwhales like some others (our current no1 fac usually ends up in top 5 of CRW).;

· After that, we have 2/3 factions which often end in top 10 of CRW’s and then 2/3 more who are good for top 20 in CRW’s (last CRW of January 2019, we had 3 facs in top 10 and 6 in top 20);

  • As a region we get top 3 in CRW’s (last CRW in January 2019, we won);

· In AOW we have a dozen or so active factions really warring. After that, another dozen facs with wars in, number of wars up to 10-15;

  • We prefer not to ghost in AOW, in CRW’s we do it if other factions ‘do it to us’;

· We have several active factions who are looking to add a couple players; taking in lone wolfes, but also can provide room for groups of more people;

· We have a leader chat on Line, in which all factions are represented by their (co)leaders. There we address any issues we face or help each other out with stuff like recruiting/territories etc, to prevent stuff to be blown up and avoid any unnecessary drama;

  • There’s also a Mitchell line chat, for all of Mitchell’s players;

· The faction events, besides wars, are not a fixed leaderboard for podium spots. Usually we have different factions winning fac events, so you can compete for the best prices with your factions;

· The region has a relatively good mix of US and Euro/Asia players. Obviously, think the majority is US bound but there are a lot of players from Euro/Asia/Australia etc in this region and chats too, so coverage around the clock is good and fun;

· We have (and are looking for) factions on all levels of the leader boards. There are the really active factions, but also lower/newer factions with people who are new to the game, or taking it slow for a bit. We try to help/encourage everybody.

We have a transfer line chat, which has the latest scores of wars and other events and where people are willing to share their experiences of Mitchell and answer any questions you may have! Pls reply/pm for invites or add me on Line: wdralf88.

Hope we will see in Mitchell soon, to kick some ass and have fun!


Just did crw with you I’m from upson. You guys have a pretty active region anyway I could get invited into line chats trying to find a more active region and faction

Bump😊 come check us out in mitchell!!

Bump, now season2 has ended and faction transfer is becoming a real thing. Come check us out in Mitchell! Looking to add more new factions, mainly low/medium/strong facs, no whale facs:)

Add me on line to invite you to our transfer chat: wdralf88

Mitchell is a great region. If anyone is looking to transfer they should really consider coming to Mitchell