Mistakes were made


So i recentley joined a region that offered alot of what i wanted… now that i have joined, 8 factions have departed and im left with no where to go. i will buy the transfer key but we should have a few day returnable ticket. you know to go back to your previous region for free once


Side note: any top factions looking for a british soldier? im good at night shift :slight_smile:

My line is: the_royal_king


That’s a bummer bro


What did you not like about the region you moved to?


Same happened to me lol…


He explained why…


This is exactly why I would wait to transfer to see which regions are still standing strong after a month or 2.


There must have been a reason he was hopping factions. Something he didn’t like. That was my question.


But he never said he was hopping factions…


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He made a run-on sentence, it should have been “Now that I have joined, 8 factions…” and I respond because I want to. Didn’t know I needed a reason to correct people.


And bam. Scopely plan has worked. There’s an extra 1,000 coins they get back. Smh.



Moral of the story is that every region has its share of problems and there is no such thing as a perfect region.

Transfers should have just been for the truly dead regions.


Red reaper is right I’m my bad I forgot the comma


I have now edited it. Hope it makes sense


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