Mistakes in the milestone and in the coins I didn't receive

good night someone is not receiving the landmark chips in the league and the free coins they promised everyone please help me

Could you provide a little bit more information? What free coins were promised? You mention leagues. Are you referring to the league stretch rewards?

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the 1250 coins they promised to all players. and about the league coins that hit the milestones I will put a photo

When did they promise all players 1250 coins?

That was time ago oh God (the coins) think it was compensation for some change or error

Only reference I can find… I think the coins you had to collect or were in your rewards inbox that you had to collect by a certain time frame. If u didn’t then they were lost.

That was awhile ago, usually there is a 30 day time to collect an inbox reward. Special things even less like 3 days.

Oh. Yeah if they haven’t received a gift from a year ago I think it’s a lost cause :laughing:.

I imagine it is just confusion caused by that thread being recently resurrected.

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