"mistake" vs MISTAKE


well, all of we already know the MISTAKE of the aniversary tokens and the delay of “fixing it” (2 days or more)

now, we have this :
(free map)

and this :

but…in less than 30 seconds, this has appear

(image say’s server maintenance)
how fast you can fix a “mistake” if it dont generate money?


Bloody shirts rm as a compensation


ladies and gentlemans, in less than five minutes…


Players first yup


Mistake gate


Just got back in to the game and what a surprise the free roadmap is gone… @JB.Scopely where is it??? I want my free cans!


10 is nothing I didn’t think this was why they shutdown lmao.(Laughing at scopely)


Mine is up and running smoothly


More bullshit. Constant bullshit.


players played that roadmap and got 50 cans for different gamemodes, are you kidding me? Are they trying tto pull this shit after everything that happended these last few days?


Are the rest of us going to get this roadmap?


hahah shut up, how dare you wish you get the same privileges as other players


No map for me.


Just showed up for me now.


I think it will show up soon


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