Mistake in territories!

It would be awesome if Scopely would actually fix territories before running the next one of these stupid events. We have seen the same randomness with capture vs reset, and it is aggravating to repeatedly lose resources over poor programming with no attempt made to resolve it.

I’ve seen some with one hit go to the team that hit it. It is just random who knows why it resets.

From my experience, you have 30 mins to clear all walkers. Or you kill as many as you can and place teams in, and hope that no other faction that may have hit the territory has placed any teams in. If you’re the only faction that has hit the territory then you’ll get it. But if you don’t clear all 10k walkers and there’s a faction that killed 100 and placed a team in, then it will reset.

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No-one else had attacked it. It was uncontested.

It’s infuriating, we spent the best part of an hour clearing walkers yesterday. Talk about tedious

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there is a 30 minute timer, my faction didnt clear all within the time and it went to walkers :confused:

It’s a nonsense rule in the first place? Who benefits from it resetting? You can’t even argue scopely does via coin for cans because people would pay the same amount for cans to atk territory. It’s a stupid piece of broken code. I’m shocked really scopely are normally so on it with their coding…

Mhm I agree some threshold and I’d love to know the numbers for it tbh

This didn’t work in the region I’m in. Cleared over 300 and had a team in and auto walkers after timer up

I’m in a couple of dead regions and killing just 70 works every single time even if its in the first 30 minutes of the event starting.

Possibly something changes if more then one faction is attacking/clearing I’m not sure.

Was just one faction here. Could also be based on region? Like waves… cause deader regions with less activity you can’t expect well as much I guess

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