Mistake in territories!

With my faction we had more than half of a territory gained and suddenly it resets everything, taking our defenses out of the territory and reappearing in 10k of 10k

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Unfortunately this happens every event


Working as intended


You have to clear them in less than 30 minutes or there’s a reset.


That’s bs but doesn’t surprise me.

You have to clear them in less than 30 minutes or there’s a CHANCE at a reset.

Doesn’t happen EVERY time just SOME times, at least in our region.


there appears to be some unknown threshold because my faction didn’t clear it all but we had about 60-70% cleared when the timer was completed and it gave it to us.

You can clear just one round (70 zombies) and put a team in. As long as nobody else kills more then you then you win the territory once the timer hits zero. So no, you don’t have to kill them all.


Also on territory event. Its an exact copy/paste from last time. My god they are lazy at Scopely.

That’s not what this says.
Faction with the MOST walker killed captures the territory


What Sly said, we just got one and had only 10 teams with 7k walkers left and another one we had like 15 teams with 5k walkers left. Seems to be random if it kicks or not.

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Was that more than 30 minutes after the event started? Seems to me there’s a “soft reset” at 30 minutes. Teams get kicked but don’t lose health, then it resets to 10k left to kill, but you don’t have to kill 10k to get it. (If I had to guess, if the tty was at 3500/10000 when 30 minutes is up, it will reset and say 10k more to kill really only has 3500 to go and it will look like it instantly goes from 6500 left to occupied)

need to clear more than 5k then it gives you it after 30 mins

Tbh i think everyone is guessing at this point what the rules are since scopely refuses to be transparent and communicate, it is left to us to figure out.

Idk but i know it has kicked us when we had maybe 1k left to go, hasnt kicked us today on 2 territories when we had over 5k left. At this point i just assume it is random, a definitive answer would be nice as i was getting bitchy with my fac cause i thought it was gonna kick us lol


That’s not my experience at all. It’s whomever has the most walker kills.

Sometimes it gets buggy and resets. Happens rarely.

We killed about 2000 in both. One we got, the other reset. Just odd

Damn whales taking more than one :rofl:

Lmao. We only took two. Wait maybe three. That’s not too bad is it lol

I killed 200 walkers and put 1 team in 3 different territories within the first 30 mins and no reset (small region). In another region we had 4k walkers killed and 20k teams in and it reset.

Within the first 30 min window it’s just random.

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I wanna take 4 lol but we are sticking to 2

I cleared only 73 walkers on shipwreck & got it when the timer ended. No other factions cleared walkers from it.