Missions. - when will it be fixed

@JB.Scopely any idea when we will be able to collect the “reaching silver leagues”, etc missions? I thought this would have been one of the items that would have been fixed in the last update.


Soon very very soon(in like 3 years xd)


More like never lol

In the next update , wish one I don’t know maybe the update of 2090 .


It will be fixed after the 56th thread about it.

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Try using the search button next time :+1:

That’s how many times they said it would be fixed in season 3

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Or maybe a new thread will make this issue more visible because, uh you know threads close after a certain number of days without a post to them… However, you go ahead and continue trying to wear your big boy pants and be the forum police…


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It will be never fixed along with many other issues, because Scopely runs their business with a “fuck you lol” policy.

Please enjoy 50% off on your 4* bundles.

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Love the smell of napalm in the morning…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Hello everyone,

I’m following up on this one to see what’s the current status is, and whether or not it’s confirmed to be included in the upcoming game update.

We’re working on a RTS 19 preview that we’ll soon share to let us know what we’ve been up to and what’s to be expected later this month! :zombie:

No more mass tap in LU events :nerd_face:


Thank you @JB.Scopely.

Slacker you can suck it.

I’d say 1:0 for Sarge vs S1acker6. :joy:

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No offense but slacker still wins. I made a thread about this when the update came out, and he said the same thing. This confirms nothing as it might not be in the next update yet.

@JB.Scopely while you are checking on that, can you find out if we get credit for past seasons or only where you are when it gets updated

Nice try but again, there is really no problem with creating a thread when another one is old and has been closed.

My original post was directed to JB and to be used as an informational outlet for players and not a haven for loser trolls who feel the need to criticize people for giving a shit about the game.

If I wanted that, I would have addressed it to the dregs of society and not JB.

I think the worst part of dealing with trolls is that fact that if they ever stop themselves and said “how does this effect my life in any way” they would learn to STFU already.

Bottom line is I posed a query for JB that others could benefit the knowledge of and losers decided to try to make it something else.

Thank you again JB. I hope this makes the update.

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Must be that time of the month


Your welcome… same answer.

Sometime early this year

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