Missions for leagues

Has there been any word on whether we’ll be able to finish these missions if we’ve already done it in the past?


JB said before next season. So expect it to be on the last week of this season. I swear this company can’t get a single thing right.


This and the milestone still not right scopley only fix things fast when it cost them money not when it helps the players


They are consistent at being inconsistent.


Omg that’s perfect :rofl: That needs to be under their name not Seize The Pay oops I mean Seize The Play.

I thought this was fixed, I was able to claim that missions about a week after this missions became available. Sucks for those it has not been fixed for

Then “By the time Season 3 arrives” would mean the first week or before. Not much of a difference there.

Well if they were relying on those points then they obviously need to step up their game before the season ends.

Explain your point more then. Because I thought I explained everything you said.

Guess I put too much faith into Scopely. Since I’m not buying anything else this season I can’t say it’s a problem for me.

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