Missions are becoming a disincentive to do anything the rest of the time

I’m all for challenges but my work is always very clear that goals should be SMART. Some of these missions get very difficult to do if you stay on top of your game.

For example. You cash in helper tokens every week. You’re screwed for that mission unless you get hired by the rest of your fac multiple times a day. You’re in the 400+ levels on survival road, you’re screwed for that mission. Levelling up is possible but time consuming if you’re 150+, you’re kind of screwed for that mission. There was the fiasco with arenas, where you can’t enter 7 times a week without repeating stuff but you needed to do so to get your daily mission bag every day.

If it’s not possible to set goals which are equally easy/hard for everyone and most of us don’t want something way too easy, but like so much in the game it’s a good idea poorly implemented.

One solution, give us some choice. Let us choose our missions. Make the game fun again. Don’t make it so we stockpile everything in case we’ll need it next week. Thanks.

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They requires time and thought. Also, probably care. Not happening. If you explain how that can make them money, they’ll listen.

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