Mission statement from CM

That seems to be their aim

That entire post has a negative spin on it – I have answered all these questions before.
It’s obviously not just straight asking for a mission statement.

I have a lot of other things to work on for this community.

Please check the dev tracker.

As a CM I will always do all that I can because I am passionate about what I do.

I will say, I appreciate you not putting blame on me directly – but the idea behind this post is not to understand what I do as much as to find holes in what I’m doing. Feel free to look up a CM job description – that’s a lot of what I do, but I also sit through important meetings to give your feedback directly face-to-face.


I suspect a friendlier way of asking for a mission statement might have been better.


You see now this issue is whatever I reply you will take as an attack when all i asked for was a mission statement? It’s not irregular to ask for something like this in the field you work in but yeah ok whatever


Unbelievable how some people can just view that post as ‘negative’ lmao.

“Didn’t start off as an Attack in the first place”?

So a hi is an attack now? Lmao well don’t ever be polite in this forum then.

Maybe you can stop such threads by doing what he is asking for so people stop asking the same questions. Brazenly asking people to go through your post history to look for the answers instead of answering the question once and for all through a statement and pinning it right up on top sounds logical to you, which sounds about right :wink:

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Well I guess when we ask questions now, we will just have to sugar coat our words to a diabetic level

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Ha ha, that’s a bit extreme. And not helpful.

If this is all you’re trying to understand – yes, I talk about rewards pretty much 24/7.

The same time I started, more roles were filled, roles that work on rewards, liveops, events, product, etc.

That’s why things are changing.


4200 for a rad tourney for a Ben ya things are changing lol


In what quantifiable way could we as players see the change? Rewards are on an objective downward trend, with increased effort required to obtain them. I am not upset with you Shane. And I don’t think you’re gaslighting. I just want to see the substance of what you’re saying here.

My post just got flagged above you cant even speak on these forums…i don’t understand their purpose!

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I’m going to assume that reply was for me and you mistakenly tagged someone else (yes that’s sarcasm ban me).

If you are talking about rewards 24/7 how have they got progressively worse? Doesn’t make sense of you are relaying the community feedback, nobody on here has ever said these rewards are ‘awesome’

The reason you see a downward trend, or any trend is because there are new people in the driver seat, things are changing in all departments because there are new people.

For example, we have a new CS crew as of today! We have a new director of roadmap who is a longtime player and helped ship Faction Assault.

There’s a lot.


As someone not bias’d here, there was nothing negative about it other than asking the question which has been repeated quite a bit which should give a pretty good signal. I only came back to play this game about a month ago from a 8-9 month break but if what this person has said is true regardless if you are to blame or not is just pointing out coincidences, but doesn’t mean it is an attack and tbh if you took it that way it kinda makes you look guilty.

Do you have the final say with rewards at the end of the day? I am ignorant on this but I would guess and say no. So if that is the case… how did this person attack you saying it was your fault in an even 1% way?

I don’t want to start a war here just a random opinion. I know you are human too and from what I see on these forums I am shocked you don’t go out browsing the forums with a bullet proof vest on but for someone to take all these bullets from people you’re doing a good job.

I only have final say on most messaging – and all social content.
I am a community manager.

I can share your feedback thoughts, and fight for things to feel good to the player – but I can only do just that.

Gotcha, ty for the response.

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I think i love you!

So new people is an excuse to just tell the player base to waste their time on events which are useless.

If people were new a company who has an average IQ level would atleast keep them the same…not make them worse.


You’re welcome.

I’m sorry if it seems like I’m closing down – I’m just a bit more wary after things that happened this week. Things got a bit scary for me so I am pulling back a bit.


We’ve heard that same excuse about revamping the team weeks ago and nothing has changed. Expect change. Worse changes.

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