Mission statement from CM

Hi @kalishane.

This might seem like a strange request to you but I think makes complete sense to the player’s.

Could we get a mission statement from you?
You recently said about evening the divide from those at the top and those further down, yet the faction rewards in this latest raid tournament completely contradict this? Strange I know but very true, 4th place would take 10 of these set ups to get a 5* pull whilst 1st place would take just 2.

The rewards on a whole are utterly garbage but I think you kind of know this already, funnily enough the rewards seem to have gone down pretty much since you took the reigns, I’m not saying that has anything to do with you but do you sincerely think you have put as much effort into approaching the department that deals with rewards as you could?

I hope I haven’t violated any ToS here for asking the question but we shall see. P.s. rewards have been changed at the last moment in the past so hopefully you can do something about the raid tourney as how it stands at the moment you won’t be seeing much participation at all.

Thank you


What the heck? You want 4th to get just slightly less than first? So you want a welfare system.
Top players are leaving left and right. Why? Because the rewards for top 3 are horrible right now.
Sure, even the prizes up. There will be no more top players. No reason to work extra hard to be in a top faction. No reason to spend money to help become a top player.
If you want the good prizes, work hard to place in a top faction. period.
Do you even realize how many hours the players in the top 3 factions put into this game? I myself am grinding and playing at least 8 hours straight every day. Sometimes 12. More during faction events. Do you?
Top players deserve extremely better prizes. They work WAY harder than the mid level factions. And yes, most of them spend more too.
Of course, that is assuming that good prizes for top 3 ever come back…


First place should be better than 4th, otherwise what’s the point? Unless they start giving out op new 6*s regularly to number 1 faction, the balance will stay fairly even. I dropped to a lower faction for the last month, and don’t think I missed out compared to if i’d stayed at the top. Prizes have been best for solos or milestones, so don’t think there’s a balancing problem yet. Can’t stop people pulling for premiers, and that’s where imbalance might come up. But they’re not restricted to top faction. If you expect F2P to stay on par with P2P though, that’s not going to happen in the long term

Lol @TrekAngel just for your information buddy I am in a top 3 rank faction and it is because of this that I am asking the question of the rewards. You sir are a little bit one eyed and I’m sure you are the pillar of community in your region with an ego like that.

If you had bothered to read what I asked you would realise that I’m asking about disparity in statements and actions but no you didn’t see that you just read the bit you wanted to read and translated it into your own terms. Thank you both for your positive comments though guys! Your both a great help :wink:


Oh puleeze. I’m not the only one. Maybe you should phrase a little better. As you can see, someone else thought it sounded as if you were saying the prizes should be better for lower ranks. If you did not want the prizes to stay better for top 3 then why bring it up?
And passive aggressive insults are not attractive btw.
The statement I made is still one that needs to be seen by Scopely as a response if they read your post as I and others did.
Instead of finding a pretty turn of phrase to insult people, maybe just try to say what you want to say without the insults?
IDK…just a novel thought

Maybe if you didn’t understand the post you should of maybe asked a question first before making assumptions? You now trolling a post now gives it grounds to be removed for bickering too so kudos on that one.
Just so i can make it plainly clear for you though I am asking why say ‘we want to even the playing field’ and then produce rewards (which are garbage to all) which have a 5-1 ratio dropping from 1st to 4th?

I understood. Seemed pretty clear to me!


Rewards are awful for all.
Not worth. It imo.


Maybe what he’s trying to say is the lower rewards should be brought up some, but not where there will be no incentive to win. I think the best combination is where a lower player or faction can still believe they have a chance to beat even the highest or higher player(faction). If the drop off is too great, lower factions are discouraged from even trying. But making the prizes too even does contribute to loss of value also, much like the last level up. The difference between 11 place and 800 was minuscule. So most did not even care.
I can’t say what’s the right combo, but I sure as hell can points a wrong combo of prizes when I see it.

Its basically a request for some kind of mission statement tbh buddy but yes you are right too, I was using this raid as an example was done because @kalishane only recently said the rewards were as they are for balancing.

We kind of just need something that says:
What she wants to achieve here
How is she going about it
How often does she see the ‘teams’ to relay our thoughts
Is she pushing hard enough for change
Can she answer our questions fully and in a manner that isn’t clouded with secrecy
Is she pushing for more accessible f2p toons for the vast masses

She’s probably no stranger to a mission statement anyway as she is working in the sector that it’s very common place.

I would be fine answering this if it was asked in a way that didn’t start off as an attack in the first place.

I have said what I do, how I do it, how close I am with the team, and why I’m here many times.

Feel free to look over my posts in the dev tracker.

Thank you.


Did i miss something? Where were you attacked?


I think the op said she wasn’t trying hard enough to do anything

I can assure you there is no attack on my first post on this thread Shane so you may be reading it different to how it’s meant (which often happens in text format)

A simple mission statement is all I’m asking for? I guess an update from where we come to where we are going? Just something to try and appease that we can also look back on and monitor too? It’s actually not much to ask tbh.


Do you honestly think you’ve done enough… reads as you haven’t done enough in text speak. That’s how i took it anyway

But i agree with the general gist regarding the current state of the game

@Louise please read it again. I think i see where you are referring to in my op but if you read it again I am actually asking if she thinks she has done enough. I’m not saying she hasn’t I’m asking if she thinks she’s done all she can

OP did not attack anyone. If he did (especially the CM) he would’ve been banned. This is more deflecting.


I believe that’s what you meant, but that’s probably the line thag got misinterpreted

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Ok, i didn’t miss anything then. If thats an attack then we are all in trouble here. May as well ban the entire forum population.

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