Mission G (help)

What is the best adventure scene to finish the green missions

Just put strong characters in your team and fight. It takes credit for your people as well.

But i ran through shirts and gloves gear map using coupla cans to get that one done, win wins

You have a hell of a team, buddy! Fought you guys during last CRW and your team gave me a bit of a headache… :smiley:

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Me? Thanks bud, it’s f2p as hecc and 4 months old lol …what’s your name in Invictus btw? (Can pm?)
I remember warring you guys as well, awesome teams, made me wish if only I had Aarav and Priya lol
Weren’t your region #1 in last crw? or Newton not sure

Stage 16.5 is all green enemies, should run up to 300 in no time

I need help with mission n

I was in Invictus, before… Now I’m in Leisure. Forgot to change it! :joy:
I usually use the name B#, but last CRW we went for pornstars names, so I was Ryan Driller#! :joy:
We were second… close distance to Newton. We usually take 1st with this matchup, but we had many that couldn’t be bothered to war that weekend, in the region. :slight_smile:

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24.2 is Greens too

I remember now! We warred multiple times, pretty sure you were a general. reckon you had a Pete def then again Pete defs everywhere lool
Fun wars bud, cheers, hope to meet you guys again in the next crw, maybe use event chat for a convo :))

Btw sorry to have jacked this topic, hope op got the Gs down

Yeah, I was general, most of the times, and yeah, a Pete defense. Just not a Pete lead. :joy:
I don’t usually use event chat, but I’ll sure do next time, knowing I actually “know” people. :smiley:

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Stage 6.3…finished all 3 'G’s in a matter of mins.

Do 13-1 in the world map

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