Mission event for comics?

Scopely it would be really cool to make an event which give us many comics when we open recruits or something else like you often do ? to help people to get any of them for the collection? Like opening 40 recruits give 20 comics , etc… no?

No.We dont need it.Give us f2p stuff and rework things not another p2p thing.


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Horrible idea, ftp players need actual stuff instead of impossible “ftp” events and trash legacies, there is enough p2p stuff already


Yeah Promos are for P2P everything else F2P and or grind Ty

Yeah you are right but it could increase our chances to get comics for the museum instead of impossible amount like 160 comics. i am also against p2p but when i see zachary in my museum… just knowing that i will never be able to get enough comics i am really anger

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