Missing weekly survivors club rewards

I know its dumb but i am a member of the survivors club. I actually enjoy this game and don’t mind spending some money on it. I contacted support about my missing mods for the weekly prize. The offer ends today and i have yet to receive them. I contacted support yesterday and they told me to wait until 1/31. I have yet to receive my mods, so I sent another message to support. It is clearly stated on the support tab that they will not give prizes retroactively. So support responded that all eligible people already received their prizes. My membership is valid until 2/14. Is anyone else missing their weekly rewards? Has support actually ever helped you?

Several people are in the same boat. Haven’t really seen Scopely get to the bottom of it other than that they are aware and looking into it

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No, I’ve gotten them every Friday

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This is the first time i haven’t received them. A couple people in my faction didnt get last weeks but they did get this weeks.

I’m in multiple regions. Sometimes I have to open the region and just let it sit until it pops up. Sometimes takes several minutes.

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I only play in one region. I did check out another region recently for a potential move. I just checked there to see if the mods were there but they aren’t.

no rewards for me support no help at all
JB is looking at it

While JB hasn’t personally looked into everyone’s unique circumstances, he did have a post that acknowledges one root cause that they’re currently working on.

Thanks for the info. I did get this weeks rewards already.

Anyone that has paid for a particular month should reap the benefits of that particular month. If I pay for my gym membership or even Sling TV and cancel it before the month is over - I can still go to the gym or use Sling until the end of that month.

Right. It was clearly not intended, as it’s already been fixed and they’re issuing compensation for those affected.

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This is certain. Might want to get customer support saying that same thing and it would be great if support in game would have that up as well instead of any missed rewards will not be retroactively credited. Obviously these weekly rewards are why some signed up. Whether it be for one month or two. I appreciate your reply, but the replies in game are not even close to what you replied with.

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