Missing Wangfa museum collection

Where’s this collection at?


I questioned that before, maybe it shows up if you actually have 500 of the wangfa cards


Nope I have both

Seems like a big mistake overall. I’m pretty sure they are refering to a red velvet cake collection as each S Class before hand also had a cake collection with 500 cake and that 6* for the 1100 choice box. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a collection for a 6* and 500 of its own collection item

Sucks it to be them got to pay up something

Maybe @GR.Scopely or @JB.Scopely can take it to the team or enlighten us.

@qck @ModernSpartan seems to be an oversight but let me check with the guys and I’ll come back to you on this.



Appreciate it.

I didn’t get this either @GR.Scopely

May have been pulled down as some people could potentially have gotten wangfa through the coin gate. So they now score 1100 free s class collectibles as well as endless wangfa and dr stevens.

It was never up even when Wangfa was released. I’d know I pulled for him

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@GR.Scopely any update?

have wangfa and some cakes, about 1000 cards short for aarav s class. any update @GR.Scopely

@qck Nothing so Far. Pushing this topic again to be answered :slight_smile:


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the collection says it was for wangfa and cards though not wangfa and cakes

Thank you very much.

This is Said since Aarav… But there was never a collection for the character and cards…
I think this is a mistake… @GR.Scopely

scopley… mistake… never…lol

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Added to known issues so @GR.Scopely dont miss again

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Any news