Missing Wangfa In New Event?

Was Wangfa missing from the 2020 event intentional, or are you going to fix this, and comp it?

And daiyu from daily rms please

There’s nothing to fix. They never put the newer S class toon collectibles in road maps for the first couple months after release.

Wangfas not that new and they’re pushing him in current fac events.

Check again. Wangfa and Daiyu are already in the regular roadmaps. Thus why my question is why not in these new roadmaps as well.

The wang should be in there. Daiyu is still too new.

I’ve never seen daiyu in roadmaps

Both Wangfa and Daiyu are in the final tiara collection in the museum, so surely it would make sense to have them in the daily roadmap bags too. Otherwise people trying to collect their cards are being held back for no good reason.

@GR.Scopely can this be fixed?

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