Missing update for Fac Assult


Why do some people not have the update?


Beta has it first


Rolling out atm, takes abit of time




I’m missing it too guys.
I just keep bugging Shawn asking when I’m gonna get it. Doesn’t help. Lol



Please, please respond to what happens to tickets when we move from one faction to another. Thank you!


Just checked with FA designer, he said “tickets are not a player item, it is a faction item, as soon as you receive it, it goes directly to the faction pool. So if you move from faction, your contribution stays with the former faction.”


Thank you!!


Next question that came up, again due to such fluid factions, once the battle starts, does everyone who participated get rewards, or just those in the faction at completion of the assault?


In order to receive rewards you have to be in the faction by the completion time and had given at least 1 damage in any stage.


Is there any way to change this, to people who have contributed tickets to open the boss, there is a very viable chance that especially in weak factions and early boss stages, the people who contributed the most tickets could simply miss the entire event if it is opened at the wrong time and are asleep


I think this wouldn’t be a problem, you have max attack per day, so it is very unlikely to this event would last too short that you would miss by sleeping.


Id have to disagree with that personally , i missed one boss battle in beta in the early stages as my faction beat it under 2 hours , i also took part in a boss stage that took a mere a hour and only 4 people took part, in weak factions missing the entire event is completely possible if your asleep.

as you can see it only took us 5 hits to beat




This has literally just happened, I got max tickets yesterday went to sleep and the boss was opened and I missed it so don’t get any rewards, this was done in under 4 hours you need to change the reward system


I to missed out completely while I was asleep, I think rewards for anyone in the faction who contributed tickets is a much better idea.


@Akearns @Robert_Workman I think if your fac completed the whole mission overnight, you should try a harder mission next time. You get better Faction Depot Points (or whatever they’re called) per tickets if you do higher grades.

I’m guessing this is a one time problem while the fac learder figures things out.


I’m well aware thanks, but even stage 4 can be beaten in under, 24 hrs we did this in beta with half our faction inactive, a top faction can probably do this in under 12 hrs