Missing the coin sales


Lol my main question here isn’t when, but more of an if. Will these sales come back, or have they been discontinued?


By the way, thank you for responding!


we have all been deemed undedicated get used to it


Maybe try not being a dick. More flies with honey and whatnot.


Indeed, long time players are well aware that Scopely doesn’t have a set date or time for the next coin sale visible to the players.

The feedback we are providing here is that from the POV of someone who has spent money on a coin sale, it doesn’t seem like there has been a decent one in quite some time.

While the 20% more sale has been put out as individual offers, it hasn’t shown up for all users as frequently or reliably as it used to.

We would also suggest that never announcing sales ahead of time, and not having holiday-timed/linked sales, isn’t what players are requesting. Some level of predictability might encourage a purchase.

Then again the 6* meta has negated greatly diminished the purpose of coins (it used to be pulling 5*) and this new model of putting instant 6* in the wheel, hasn’t triggered spending on my region at least, I have seen Vincent on other regions however.


Well said, @Flex


Isn’t black friday coming soon? What about Halloween? Thanksgiving, Flag Day, President’s Day, etc…

So many chances for USA holiday themed coin sales.

Put up a 20% more coins + 10 War/Raid/SR/Terr refills, 10 Duct Tape 10 PKs and 5000 4 Weapon tokens 10k 5 tokens**

And watch the $ flow.

When y’all put up Coins + Incense and Grenades, :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:that directly insults paying customers. The reason this is insulting is because the player base knows those items are literally useless in game and have been for 2 years.

For 2+ years Scopely live opps has been insisting that actual worthless items are “valuable bonus items” That is a not only a lie, it is a direct, condescending middle finger at the people who are literally funding the life of this game.


omg, are you people seriously mad about coin sales? Of all things, you want to be able to justify purchases because of a “sale” label? This is equal parts funny / sad.


It’s funny/sad to want to wait for a sale where they give more than what they usually do for a purchase?

I can’t speak for anyone else in this thread, but I was simply asking if we will ever see them again. In a neutral tone. No anger! Anger is saved for other topics!


Also I would like to know where the offers with coins went? You used to be able to do $30 or $50 offers that gave you the coins associated with that price along with a duct tape PK or even a walkie and bag set. Now I just get offers for just overpriced gear and trainers with no coins and less prestige.



Yes… its been awhile since there was a bonus coin sale. Scopes missed out on the crw. Wouldve been a great time to have had a sale. There should be one every war.


Hes asking where the hell the weekly coin sales went. This is a HUGE topic in my region we’d all like to see these offers die and bring back the bonus coin sales. They even tossed the 9900 for war offer.


They used to do promos every Friday in line with whatever the event was. If u buy x coin pack u get trainer, bags of x whatever, and yes on occasion they had the 20% sale but since these annoying offers that show up every minute there’s been hasnt been any just like there hasn’t been a gear map lol


Coin sale (RIP) were good when you could spend the usual amount and get extra coins with it. +700 +1000 etc.

A “coin sale” for the same amount of coins but adding smelling salts or a trainer isn’t a “sale” imo.

I use to buy coins every second friday/Saturday for War, so they were set to release at certain times.
Haven’t bought coins in a while. Dont plan to do it either. Unless they do the war tokens for cans event again or a proper coin sale.


Checked current offers after reading this, they’re all garbage atm. This one below… is basically 2 war cans and a burt for 345 coins. Although I need cans cause of shit drop rates this is just not worth it. 5 cans and a Benedict I’d buy this.


There used to be coin package sales every War weekend or event weekend. But hasn’t been in a long while. Instead, we only get those annoying pop-ups that pop up anytime you’re trying to do something, which is so extremely annoying. Bring back to coin sale packages! Please !!