Missing the coin sales


It’s been a while since there has been one offered. When I spend, it’s almost always on the sales, specifically the one for 9900 coins…are we going to see these again? Or have they been replaced with “offers”?


+200 million (thats how much I am saving now that there are no coin sales) Wont be pulling till I get them.


Hmm you have a point, I haven’t seen a :coins: sale in a long time. Maybe we will get one before the holiday season.

@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: Cannot predict now


Obviously, Scopely makes more money by not having sales of coins and instead doing these intrusive, disruptive, annoying and customer spirit murdering pop up offers.

TBH there really isn’t anything “worth” using coins for anymore, the economy is so problematic right now, FFS they are trying to sell Priya and as we all know after the last CRW, Priya aint winning shit for nobody.


Idk, personally I spend more when I know I’m getting more for my $$. These offers aren’t really doing it for me. I bought one pack of SR energy last tourney but that’s all I’ve put in for a while besides the monthly pass. I have to believe there are plenty more people like me, especially with what’s going on right now. Bring back the sales!


I’m literally asking for a feature to come back so I can spend money again, and I can’t even get an answer. What’s a guy got to do to get a response from a Scopely employee around here?


Last time I was approached with this question it was by someone who was apparently doing bad bad things with the info.


Bad things?


Why did they tell the truth?


Someone informed me before I responded.

They’re the real MVP.


someone or vk the ones who run your gold offers now?


just being honest


I’m not sure what you’re asking.

We run gold sales in-game.


gold sales went from weekly to 2days a month really u still run your gold offers


I haven’t been paying attention, but yes, I believe so?

Maybe not. Maybe life is a lie.


no idea but she never responds to me so after this I doubt she will again I have made a thread on this completely ignored so I’m used to this


I wasn’t aware that someone could do bad things simply by knowing if there will be a sale or not. I really only spend on the sales, minus a few exceptions. I can assure you that my interest is pure and I just want to know so I can budget. The sales used to be on every weekend or every other weekend, I could plan it out.

Haven’t seen a sale in a while. Even the offers used to have coin packages in them, but lately they haven’t either. It’s like we are now expected to just outright buy the items, completely bypassing the coins. I liked it better when I bought the coins and could decide what to use them on.

Edit: and by “coin sales”, I don’t mean the always running price. There were sales where you would get x amount of various items along with the purchase, or extra coins with the purchase. Limited time sale.



This situation just happened to me last week. But no, I’m unsure if we disclose when sales will be.

I don’t believe we have a set date / time for the next sale.