Missing Telltale/ Comic characters that NEED 6*/ S-Class

Season One

Doug “A New Day”

  • Trait: :strong:
    *Leader Skill: doesn’t have
    *Specialist Skill: Vitality
    *Role: Support/Tank
    *AR: This character and one teammate get 80%AP gain and “energize” for 2 turns. This character all gets 50% Bonus HP and 30% HP for 2 turns.
    *Special Weapon: Doug’s crucial Metal Club:
    30% HP
    15% Def
    75% more HP when healed
    Active Skill: Taunt, Defense Up, and AP Gain

Shaun " A New Day" (s-class)
Trait: :tough:
Role: Medic
Leader Skill: All Ranged teammates get 40%HP, and Defense. They also get stat immunity for the first 3 turns of every way
Specialist Skill: N/A
AR: Deal 5 attacks of 100 damage to one enemy. If those attacks are critical up to 5 teammates get a guard shield, if not critical up to 5 teammates gain 55% of their max HP and 90% attack for oneturn
Special Weapon: N/A
Active Skill: AP and Crit UP

Hershel “’ A New Day”/ Telltale Version
Trait: :tough:
Leader Skill: N/A
Specialist Skill: Hemorrhage
Ar: Deal 1600 Maim damage up to 3 enemies and this character gets 100% crit for 3 turns
Special Weapon: N/A
Active Skill: Trauma and Exhaust

Glenn " A New Day"/ Telltale Version (S-Class)
Trait: :alert:
leader skill: All teammates get 30% Def and a very large bonus to AP when taking damage
Specialist Skill: N/A
AR: All teammates get 65% of their max HP and recover from Maim,Bleed, and Burn.
Special Weapon: Glenn’s Sapping 6 shooter:
30% Attack
meduim bonus AP when attacking
better chance to cause -60 AP when attacking

will edit More. but all this must happen scopley

I still want Duck from Telltale season 1 as a toon.

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we need a carter

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