Missing Scopely marked Threads once a Scopely Employee has replied


Cant find the little Scopely logo once an employee replies in a thread. can we get this back? maybe also add another logo if a leader replies. thx


it would be nice at the moment I am just using Kalishanes avatar to see which ones have been replied to close enough :sweat_smile:


you wont be able to track her avatar once this forum hits hundreds of users


Oh I know but its only day 1 so good enough for now :neutral_face:


You should be able to tell a Scopely employee by the Scopely logo or IUGO logo (see next to my picture) and also with the IUGO and Scopely dev tracker here >> https://forums.scopely.com/groups/ScopelyDeveloper


Complete una misiĆ³n de seguir los pasos y no me dieron LA recompensa