Missing s class roadmap

I canโ€™t imagine being an employee at Scopely. When is there ever a flawless event? So once again in a little over a week the s class roadmap has gone mia. Maybe before adding new content as it was also said earlier today the museum is full :joy::joy::joy:, maybe just maybe think a little bit more do a little more run throughs. Test the you know what out of it before sending it to us to be once again disappointed. How can you take pride in your work when its always screwed up, i feel like a bunch of you are just grade school dropouts that got the job because you knew what atari was on the pop quiz application.


2nd error and itโ€™s only Monday

Itโ€™s back
But arenas is a fiasco

Scopely said fuck us and poured syrup all over the s class roadmap

@Banshee S-Class roadmap has been brought back up :wink:


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