Missing red keys

I cannot find my red roadmap keys anywhere? Usually up next to radios on the roadmap screen they no longer are there. I cant find them in my “items” or “general” tabs either.

Has this happened to anyone else? Ive msg support just hoping someone here can reassure me i havent lost them for good? :persevere:

Also : Ive done both of today’s maps before they disappeared, n i should have 4-6 keys.


I need a screenshot

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mines missing too

Have u done both maps? Horse power and roadrage?

yeah that kmight be why

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Try using your blue radio maybe it’s one or other.

They are not in inventory.

Used it now just have bronze n silvers. Rebooted game also…

Today was my first time doing both maps? Im wondering if this is why? Like it wont appear until i need it? Maybe?

(I really dunno, cant find anyone to confirm this yet. Just dont wanna miss out…)

Sorry but that does seem like possible scenario as blue radio isn’t shown after use.

Tomorrow shall reveal the answer.

For some reason i just realised i could try using silver and bronze radios. They disappear too!

Phew, keys should be back when maps reset then. Thanks for brainstorming with me :crossed_fingers:

When you open both maps the keys “disappear” because there is nothing you need them for at the moment. As soon as the maps reset you will see them again.


Thanks! I asked around but noone confirmed that so thought id ask here. Makes sense and i feel like a total noob. :joy::joy::joy: ahh well :woman_shrugging:

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Yes they disappear when you do both roadmaps, once they refresh keys will appear again.

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So glad I saw this mine are missing as well and I did both maps have been freaking out.

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