Missing Premier Recruits


I am missing the premier recruits for Maggie. Goes straight to the stash. I am not in a faction, but ever since I left mine, a lot of things have been missing. I also cannot see the war leaderboaed whatsoever. Not sure if you have to be in a faction to even view it. @kalishane any answers???


I also can’t message support in game.

This just happening to me?


Trying to keep this relevant


Don’t worry they will fix it cause you wanna spend


Hi WalkerGirl,
I can’t answer regarding the premier recruits for Maggie or the other missing things in your game, but I know of a few who have been unable to use the in-game support function. Do you perhaps have another language other than English set as the operating language of your device? If so, then try to just switch it to English for a while to access the support tab. This is a bug.

If you are already set on English as the OS language of your device and it’s still not showing up for you, you can use the browser option of contacting support. Go in to https://scopely.helpshift.com/a/twd-road-to-survival/?p=web and there should be a red button with “contact support” on the upper right hand corner of the page.

Good luck and I hope you get your missing stuff back soon!


Who said I want to spend? Don’t assume things. I was missing premier recruits, war, and three toons from the ascension tower list of toons. If my game isn’t functioning right and displaying things as it should, that’s an issue. Assuming gets you no where fast and makes you seem ignorant af.


Ok clearly you don’t like my sense of humour. That’s fine. I hope you got your problem fixed. Keep on surviving!


Hard to decipher over the internet, my bad. My apologies