Missing Pies for SC members

Why are some SC members receiving 5x pies a day, while other SC members are not?


Um what? Where are my pies!?

1+5 free for sc members. 1 only for all. If you didnt get ask support. Its part of your monthly sub you paid for. They will send compensation.

I’ve gotten 1 a day being a sc member

Same was there supposed to be something for SC members?

I have only gotten 1 a day. Don’t even know what it’s for, was there a post i missed? And event?


Asked support they gave me the missing, but you have to ask every day to do their job.



Didn’t see any posts about the whole thing , i got 1 yesterday and 1 today and it said daily login reward I’m assuming there will be a total of 5 to claim 10 burts from museum some people are claiming there was 5 pies for SC members which I didn’t get even though my SC is subscribed

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Taytron has posted on Discord in FAQS that we are in fact supposed to be receiving 1x and 5x a day as members.
Some of my friends have been getting them correctly.
Most have not though.
I’d like to get mine, get some Burts.
Few trainers better then no trainers.


I got 1 pie the first day. Then heard SC members where supposed to get an extra 5. I messaged support, asked why some players got 1, some got 6, was told SC get another 5. After that, miraculously my other 5 showed up in the store. I’m still 5 down from the first day though.

Probably the same reason some Survivors Club members got a Gold mod weekly as part of the missions whereas other members only got a Bronze mod


I’m still waiting for a response from them for yesterday. (July 3rd)

Are you sure it’s supposed to be daily? I had a popup window with 5 free pies but it was only that one time. I’m not even sure if I’ve had singles daily in the shop.

It should be daily. Confirmed by support

Well I received one 5x yesterday and no others since, the event will be over before it’s corrected I think :grin:

I messaged, got 1 lot of the 5 pies, messaged again, they told me because I cancelled my subscription thats why I’m not getting them. Seriously wtf? The month is paid for, I’m still getting the other perks of my membership.


That’s so messed up!!!
If the month is paid for its paid for. That may be the rudest thing I’ve ever heard them say to a customer.
Really makes you want to repurchase it I bet :joy: