Missing mods drops

On the update details for Faction Onslaught it states that each battle victory has the chance for a gold mod and league tokens. We’ve seen it show that we have won bronze mods as drops and then they are not in our inventory. Is everyone else having this problem?

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It’s being discussed here

They go straight into your mod collection

Just seen they’ve updated the details. Where it said ‘gold mod’ initially it now says ‘Bronze, Silver or Gold’ Typical lol
I didn’t see any new mods when I went in to mod management but I’ll check it again through the roster screen. Thanks

Usually it says “new” but I coudn’t find at all.

Yeah it said I was to get 3 different mods and I never actually got them I’ve checked my inventory and nothing was ever given and no new mods in amongst the mods I already had what’s up with that @JB.Scopely @CombatDevIl

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Same here, I didn’t receive the mods that dropped.

Did you select a toon from your roster then click on combat mods? If you go straight to the mod inventory it doesn’t show up as new there

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