Missing milestones rewards?

Claimed the 100k milestones. Didnt actually receive items though in inventory/ roster.
Got a toon waiting on the whetstone for t4 and those liliths are like gold. Lodged a ticket with cs lastnight but nothing has come of it.
Posting here to gain attention cuz i want to have it sorted before level up :speak_no_evil::innocent: thanks!

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Still no reply from in game support either :unamused:

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Worst cs ever :roll_eyes: no wonder ppl get so mad lol

Iโ€™m missing at least the trainers from the last 2 milestones.

Have u heard anything from them?

This is so frustrating :unamused:

โ€ฆ :expressionless::unamused: did the coins. Cleared cache n restarted game n device etc n still nothing. Nothings in my inbox :roll_eyes: kinda really want my lilithsโ€ฆ

This happens to me with video offers all the time. Uninstall and reinstall.

Doesnt help :pensive:

2 days now and have never felt more ignored by a company in my life lol. Now i understand the hate scopely get lol.

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Did you try leaving your faction, waiting a bit, rejoining, and waiting a bit or switching devices?

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